Hey guys! My names Brian, I'm from Los Angeles and I'm creating this blog for all marijuana lovers and enthusiasts. Not just pictures of weed but also things stoners like to see. :D

I do not own any of these pictures unless I say so. They are just images I have stumbled upon on the internet and want to share with others.

Ask Me Anything

itsweedhour said: Hi, we're a submission based blog so people can share their weed stories, experiences, thoughts, theories, ideas, etc and we are looking for submissions. could you post this so you're followers can check us out?

Anonymous said: have you ever heard of the strain amazon jungle? its dope as fuuck

No I haven’t but it sounds DANK!

avtobiography said: Do you put tobacco in your rips?


lavivencia said: i spent my entire life not realising that the Pursuit of Happiness first verse was about smokin the kush. i feel like i did when i discovered santa wasn't real

Anonymous said: hey you should include sources and not be a stealing piece of shit! bye